Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fiction to Inspire: An Undone Fairy Tale

An Undone Fairy Tale, written by Ian Lendler and illustrated by Whitney Martin, is a hilarious romp that engages the reader with every turn of the page. Although the story contains the traditional princess in trouble, gallant knight, and evil, imprisoning king, the star of our story is the illustrator, Ned.
Ned is trying his best to complete the story illustrations, but he keeps falling behind. When we ignore his pleas to slow down, he is forced to resort to the silliest substitutions imaginable. No time to draw horses? Then they’ll ride fish.
In addition to sheer laugh-out-loud fun, An Undone Fairy Tale makes the artist in us want to jump right in. What would we substitute for horses? How would we deal with Sir Wilbur’s armor problem?
This is a picture book, recommended for grades 1-3; however, I’d recommend it to anyone who loves art. And laughter.

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