Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Make a Duct Tape Flower: A Tutorial by Scarlet Frishman

Today, Scarlet is going to share with us the ins and outs of making duct tape flowers! Scarlet has duct tape art down to a science: she makes flowers, wallets, headbands, rings, and anything else that strikes her fancy. By the way, this is Scarlet:
Scarlet took all the pictures and videos with her Sony Bloggie Touch Camera. The pictures and video aren't bad, but we're still looking for a good (and preferably free) photo and video editor for it, so please excuse the graininess.
Here is her instruction video. See below for photos and written instructions.

From Scarlet: Hi Guys! Here are my instructions for making duct tape flowers!
A roll of duct tape in your chosen color.
A pair of scissors.
A pencil, pen, straw or any kind of stick
A piece of paper if you want to be able to remove the flower from the stick

Cut a 1 in. square of paper.
Cut a narrow strip of duct tape.
Wrap the piece of paper around the stick and use the small piece of duct tape to secure it.
*Make sure that you leave some duct tape sticking down off of the paper so that you can remove the flower from the stick later (skip this step if you are securing it to the stick permanently).
Next, cut a medium-sized rectangle of duct tape and fold down the top two corners.
Clip off the sides, just leaving the point with an adhesive rectangle below it. This will be your flower petal.
Wrap the petal around the stick, as so.
Repeat until your flower is about this big. This will take about 10 or so petals.
Once you’re happy with the size of the inside of your flower, fold down the corners so they look like this, but don't cut off the sides. Add about 15 petals this way.
If you made your flower so that it won't come off the stick, you are done! If you made yours so that it can come off the stick, then remove the little piece of duct tape that we put on at the beginning and slide the flower off the stick.
Next, cut a medium-sized cone shape out of duct tape.
And secure it to the base of the flower.
Cut a little triangle out of duct tape
and push it down into the center of the flower.
Now you're done! I hope you had fun making your own flower!

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