Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Family's Oscar Bingo Party Plan

Oscar bingo

We love the Oscars! Beautiful dresses, funny skits and speeches, the red carpet – and bingo!
Our Oscar party has developed slowly over the years. Last year was the first time all of the kids were interested in watching. I was so excited!
These are our party essentials:
-Bingo cards: How About Orange’s bingo cards are the reason my ten year old son can’t wait for the Oscars! In addition to squares with things like “so and so wins best actor,” her cards have REALLY fun things like “Winner admits forgetting people,” “presenter flubs line,” and “someone tells his/her kids to go to bed!”. We have an amazing time with these cards, and I’m so glad Jessica put them out again this year.
-We’ll use highlighters to mark our bingo cards and we’ll dig out as many clipboards as we can find.
-Small gifts: If you’re like me, there are always a few odds and ends left over after Christmas. If you’re a more organized shopper, or if you need to fill in, the dollar store is your friend. My plan is to surreptitiously label the packages with who I want to get them and hand them out accordingly :)
-Snacks, aka junk food: Since we’ll all be staying up hours past our bedtimes, we’ll need some sustenance to get us through: fresh-popped popcorn and hot fudge sundaes with this fabulous (and easy) hot fudge sauce!
Since some of my kids are still young, they won’t have seen most of the nominated movies, so we don’t bother with ballots. If you have an older group, you can print ballots from How About Orange or Studio DIY.
As a matter of fact, if you do have an older group, check out Studio DIY’s Oscar party plan. She has some fantastic ideas for turning it into a gold- and glitter-filled night!
I love the glamor and fun of the Oscars, and turning it into a game night has made it even better. Now if only they’d move it to Friday night, so we could sleep in a little the next day!
P.S. Next year, I’m hoping that the kids will have seen enough old movies to play Turner Classic Movies Scene It? Deluxe Game with me as sort of a pre-Oscar warm-up.
Is Oscar night an event at your house?

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